"Listen! the Bugle Calls" OUT NOW

“Listen! The Bugle calls.” Originally recorded for Norwegian label, Cara Records, in 2020 is the latest Minders single and Space Cassette release. This lo-fi sparkly treat brims with analog synths and echoey vocals. The lyrics acerbically hail our modern society’s preoccupation with the worship of the money god.  “A sunrise on every door, no time to settle down”, refers to our industriousness and consumerism, and how it has consumed us. Even in these times of pandemic, we must agonize on the lucre treadmill. “we’ve got to keep pushing on!”

We hope you enjoy this new release, and keep your eyes peeled for The Minder’s LP release on September 3rd 2021.

An ode to our hometown, Portland, Oregon

These streets have lived a lot

this town has grown up all on its own

the loneliness is tough

but I still feel so tied to it all


Big river keep us together

flow on since days of old

Into the valley gold


Look down from Tabor’s top

straight down the boulevard to my home

I chose this place and stopped

hung up my hat and called it my home


Big river flow on forever

carries our worries, oh

out to the oceans cold


Big river keep us together

flow on since days of old

Into the valley gold


Big river go on forever

carry us over, oh

out to the sunset home

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Astoria (Live) & Andre the Giant

The “Astoria” live performance was recorded at Larry Crane’s beloved Jackpot! Recording Studio for a show we did with Elephant 6 impresario, Robert Schneider. This is an alternative version of a new song on off our upcoming LP, “Psychedelic Blacktop.”


"Andre the Giant" was also recorded at Jackpot! Recording Studio for our 2016 LP, Into the River. We decided to not put the song on the record then but thought it would be fun to put it out now. This song has been a favorite of the bands for over a decade. NOTE: Larry Crane does an opening narration on the track. We hope you enjoy.

This musicians on this song are as follows, Martyn Leaper (guitar / vocal), Andy Naify (guitar), Mayhaw Hoons (bass), Jesse Sandoval (drums)

               Salad Days

                 Now Streaming Everywhere

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Salad days is one of The Minders earliest recordings and one of the first songs Martyn Leaper ever wrote. He composed and played the song in The Henrys which preceded The Minders. This track was recorded at the original Walk-in-Closet studio in Denver in 1996. Originally meant as a track for The Minders

debut full length, “Hooray for Tuesday,” the song ended up  on a B-reel, forgotten for over 20 years.


Get ready to climb into the time machine and go back to the wonderful -fuzzy days of the mid-1990s. For these truly were the Salad Days.

Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends now on Cassette

           featuring *Bonus Track, "Salad Days" 

    You can get volumes 1 & 2 in our shop.

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The Girl from Oklahoma

The Minders  second single from their forthcoming album. Recorded at Jackpot Studios -engineered by Larry crane. Mixed at the beginning of August at Blue Rooms Studios by Mike Coykendall. “The Girl from Oklahoma” is a nod to traditional country story -telling songs such as ,"”By the Time I get to Phoenix"” (written by Jimmy Webb) performed by Glenn Campbell, or “"Little Green Apples"” by Roger Miller. This is a song that some of you will already know in your hearts. Time to sing along to the chorus. 

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The Minders, “Let’s Go Driving!."

 Three years on from their 2016 release, “Into the River.” Portland, Oregon based Indie-Pop band, The Minders, are back with what promises to be a summer hit. “Let’s Go Driving!”, (inspired by bubblegum gems of the distant past), was engineered at the Space Cassette Records home studio and Mike Coykendall’s Blue Rooms. “Let’s Go Driving!” is the first Minder’s recording session on analog tape in over a decade. The last time the band recorded this way was for the “Bright Guilty World” sessions in 2005.  The subsequent sound of the recording is reminiscent of much earlier work – something that the band recently explored with last year’s reissue of “Hooray for Tuesday”.

So, sit back at home, or climb into the car and drive along to The Minders latest nugget of love: “Let’s Go Driving!”

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hooray  for  tuesday 20th Anniversary Vinyl

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“Into The River” (September 2016 release on Space Cassette records) was recorded at Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon and Produced by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, M.Ward,  Go- Betweens and countless others) is a return to form after an 8 year absence.  The first single, “It’s Gonna Breakout” (7" available to purchase in our store) is a bold, lush statement, laden with hooks and offers up a taste of the bands 10th release.



The Minders celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 1998 release, "Hooray for Tuesday," their debut LP.

This obscure Indie pop gem produced and engineered by, Robert Schneider, (Pet Sounds studio impresario: Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beulah) has been reissued on vinyl with gate fold jacket, featuring: bonus tracks,including a 2018 version  of the title track, "Hooray for Tuesday," the original demo recording from 1996 and rare photos of the band and recording sessions.

This collection of pop songs from the Minders serves as a lasting testament to their skillful pop sensibilities. Pick up a copy of this Elephant Six classic from the late 1990s. The pop recordings have withstood the test of time and are as catchy as the day were captured on wax.


The Portland Mercury

Believer Magazine

bass, Rebecca Cole (Wild Flag) on drums, and Jeff

Almond on lead guitar; a follow- up single (Paper plane) was released later in 1996, where the band quickly gained popularity as a new member of the growing elephant six collective. The Minders would release four singles before delivering their first full-length album, Hooray for Tuesday, in 1998 on SpinArt records. The Minders sound has evolved over the years. From its simple garage origins, 

the group has grown to incorporate complex arrangements that harken back to the heady days of 1960's and 70's baroque pop music. Since 1998, the Minders have resided in Portland, Oregon and have released six records, each of which has tackled different styles in pop and new wave.


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The indie pop group, The Minders, was formed in Denver, Colorado in 1995 by Martyn Leaper and Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo). The band started out as a recording project with Robert Schneider producing the first single (Build) which was released in early 1996 on the Elephant 6 imprint. The Minders quickly became a live act, with Joel Richardson on


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