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Poplab Vol. 1: A Celebration of Analog Craft

The first volume of Poplab was curated to accompany our vol. 1 compilation cassette. This zine and cassette can be purchased separately but we highly recommend ordering the zine and cassette together.  Watch the video below to get a  sneak peek at the content.


The Girl from Oklahoma 

The latest single from The Minders. Recorded at Jackpot Studios -engineered by Larry crane. Mixed at the beginning of August at Blue Rooms Studios by Mike Coykendall. “The Girl from Oklahoma” is a nod to traditional country story -telling songs such as ,"”By the Time I get to Phoenix"” (written by Jimmy Webb) performed by Glenn Campbell, or “"Little Green Apples"” by Roger Miller. This is a song that some of you will already know in your hearts. Time to sing along to the chorus. 

Girl from Oklahoma (1).jpg

Space Cassette Comp Vol: 1


File under mixed tape: Years ago, a good friend of mine would make me mixed tapes; his selections were the most varied which included deep cuts from obscure artists that almost always inspired me to go on a hunt to the local record shop and buy more records. Before the age of Spotify, the mix tape, radio, and zines were the only available channels disseminating new music. One needed to seek out rare finds through a grape vine of networks. In some ways nothing much has changed, although,  it is possible to find many underground acts through quick searches on the internet, so much great music remains ignored.

Here are some unsung giants of indie music, their songs collected on this inaugural Space Cassette compilation. Volume One plays like a mixed tape reminiscent of those made by a music- loving comrade from way back when. Here are Seven bands and projects from across America, that span a thirty- year period of underground low fi recording and are proudly included on this first of many Mixed tapes brought to you by Space Cassette Records.

Get a copy of the cassette here at Space Cassette- along with the Pop Lab zine which includes bios of the musical acts, interviews, comics and so much more. 

The Minders' NEW SINGLE, "Let's Go Driving!,"

Three years on from their 2016 release, “Into the River”, The Minders are back with what promises to be a summer hit. “Let’s Go Driving!”, (inspired by bubblegum gems of the distant past), was engineered at the Space Cassette Records home studio and Mike Coykendall’s Blue Rooms. “Let’s Go Driving!” is the first Minder’s recording session on analog tape in over a decade. The last time the band recorded this way was for the “Bright Guilty World” sessions in 2005.  The subsequent sound of the recording is reminiscent of much earlier work – something that the band recently explored with last year’s reissue of “Hooray for Tuesday”.


So, sit back at home, or climb into the car and drive along to The Minders latest nugget of love: “Let’s Go Driving!”

Don't forget to follow The Minders on your favorite streaming platform

Minders-HFT20_Front-Back-Cvrs_900px copy

The Minders - Hooray For Tuesday

20th Anniversary Reissue 

Space Cassette Records and The Minders are most excited to release this limited  20th Anniversary Vinyl Edition of their debut LP, “Hooray for Tuesday.”


The album includes 3 bonus tracks and is packaged in a newly designed gate fold jacket. 






The Minders       

Cigarette Speedway 

Kissing Book

Apology Calls

Stuffed Shirts



  SIDE    A  


The Spookies              

Woolen Men

Heartbreak Beat

The Creeps



  SIDE    B  

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