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Into the River is the Minder’s fourth full length studio album, and the band’s first release in ten years. The eleven tracks featured here were engineered and produced by Larry Crane (Tape Op/ Jackpot studio fame). The production incorporates a varied array of songs some accompanied with string arrangements. At first listen, Into the River plays like a concept record. Two versions of the title track appear on the record -strategically placed as bookends on both sides of the album; however, each version is uniquely different, so much so that at first listen they appear to be two different songs. Into the River picks up where the band left off from its last release (It's a Bright Guilty World, Future Farmer 2006). Crane’s expert engineering and producing hands are in evidence with lush string arrangements that help paint a deep emotional back drop to the song craft that has become The Minder’s trade mark. Into the River is the most ambitious studio effort by The Minders, and it is on this record that the band has arrived with their best album to date. Please, sit back and enjoy!

The Minders - Into The River: Vinyl Only

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